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Specialists in JCB, Perkins and Ford Engines

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Specialists in JCB, Perkins and Ford Engines

Federation of Engine Re-Manufacturers

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Perkins, Ford and JCB Engines and Engine Parts for the Farming, Mining and Construction Industries
T: +44 (0)1489 896 626
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Engine Family

Engine Build Prefix


Perkins1004-4 Phaser Non Turbo

AA, AG Builds etc

From £3,350.00 + VAT

Perkins 1004-42 Engines

AR, AS Builds

From £3,450.00 + VAT

Perkins 1004T Phaser Turbo

AB, AC, AH Builds  etc

From £3,650.00 + VAT

Perkins 1004-40T
(Late 1004T Phaser) Turbo

AK, AM, AQ Builds

From £3,750.00 + VAT

Perkins 1006-6 Phaser Non Turbo

YA Builds etc

From £4,250.00 + VAT

Perkins 1006-6T Phaser Turbo

YB, YC Builds etc

From £4,650.00 + VAT

Perkins 1006-60T
(New 1006TPhaser) Turbo

YH Builds etc

From £4,850.00 + VAT

Perkins 4.236 Non Turbo

LD Builds

From £3,250.00 + VAT

Perkins T4.236 Turbo

LJ Builds

From £3,450.00 + VAT

Perkins 3 Cyl

From £2,350.00 + VAT

Perkins 1104-NT

From £3,850.00 + VAT

Perkins 1104-TA

From £4,150.00 + VAT


The term ‘remanufacturing’ is often confused with, or used synonymously with, the term ‘reconditioned’ so on this website we use both terms for ease of reference, however as an established member of the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers it is important to note the differences:

Reconditioned engine:

Recon engines are usually stripped down (sometimes only partially), and have some damaged parts replaced and then rebuilt.

Remanufactured engine:

Reman engines are fully stripped and inspected in detail, components and parts are checked against the manufacturers’ original specification, and key parts are replaced. A remanufactured engine is required to meet a certain standard under BSI AU 257:2002, set by British Standard Automobile Series code of practice.

All our complete engines are stripped and inspected, the fuel injection equipment is renewed, a replacement turbocharger is fitted (if applicable), the engine block is bored, liners fitted and bored back to standard, new pistons and rings fitted, crankshaft ground new bearings fitted, cylinder head is reconditioned having valve seats re cut and new valves fitted if necessary, all new gaskets fitted and all other component’s inspected and changed if necessary. The engines are re assembled in our clean workshop using the correct procedures and tolerances.

The engine is then dynamometer tested for 4 hours and given a coat of paint ready for delivery.

Complete Perkins engines come with a 12 month warranty.

Prices Include running-in oil and delivery by carrier in England and Wales. Delivery to Scotland extra.

All Perkins engines can be supplied worldwide, please contact us for a delivery quote (provided at cost) if you are based outside the UK, as this will not be included in the price.


A surcharge is charged on all reconditioned engines for return of the old core.


When the old unit has been returned to our premises this surcharge will be credited in full, provided that the unit is complete, of the same model as the unit supplied (if your engine is not the same model please call to discuss prior to placing an order as we will be willing to work around this) and suitable for reconditioning. Please ensure the engine is drained of oil and includes your name and address when it is returned.

This surcharge is due for payment within 28 days from the invoice date if the old unit has not been received.

If you are outside the UK the surcharge will be payable before the engine is dispatched, this will be refunded to you as soon as we receive your old unit in a reconditionable state.


Perkins Engines have been designing and manufacturing diesel engines since 1932. With the help of Charles Chapman, a design engineer, Frank Perkins created the concept of a high-speed diesel engine, beginning with Perkins’ four cylinder Vixen in 1932. By 1935 Perkins held six world diesel speed records.

Massey Ferguson purchased F. Perkins Ltd in 1959 and the company continued to trade as Perkins Engines, developing new Perkins engine series for forklifts and power generation.

Caterpillar (CAT) then bought Perkins in 1998 and expanded the business, Perkins diesel engines are now manufactured in the UK, United States, China, Brazil, and India.


Reconditioned Perkins Engines Reconditioned Perkins Engines

Timik have become a reliable Perkins engine remanufacturer with over 30 years of experience. We are also a recommended Perkins parts retailer, and able to supply a large range of genuine Perkins parts, to learn more about what we can supply please visit our Parts page.

We also have in stock a variety of new Perkins engines for sale, for an example of our engine stock see below:

Please note some engines may be sold. If you do not see the engine you require or the engine is no longer in stock, please contact us as we can rebuild engines to order.

We have more Perkins engines available, please contact us if you do not see the engine you require above.


We can supply various remanufactured Perkins engines on an exchange basis, complete, long or short engine options available, please see our remanufacturing pricing below (these are for complete Perkins engines, for long or short options please contact us):

For all engines in stock please click here.  If you do not see your engine please contact us with your engine build/serial number for options. If you require help identifying your engine please click here.