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Specialists in JCB, Perkins and Ford Engines

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Perkins, Ford and JCB Engines and Engine Parts for the Farming, Mining and Construction Industries
T: +44 (0)1489 896 626
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Perkins AD 3.152 full engine with radiator

Perkins AA Build pictured. Complete rebuilt engine.

We can remanufacture for the following builds. If you do not see your build number here please enquire.

AA30128, AA30142, AA30150, AA30164, AA30165, AA30500, AA30501, AA30503, AA30504, AA31238, AA35001, AA35010, AA35014, AA35023, AA35060, AA35070, AA35077, AA35079, AA35080, AA37502, AA37513, AA37514, AA37520, AA37530, AA37536, AA37579, AA37580, AA37581, AA37582, AA37583, AA37584, AA37585, AA37586, AA37600, AA37763, AA37876, AA39797PB, AA39798, AA39800PB, AA50241, AA50254, AA50254LX, AA50255, AA50261, AA50263, AA50264, AA50264LX, AA50267, AA50267LX, AA50271, AA50271LX, AA50291, AA50315, AA50324, AA50329, AA50343, AA50377, AA50386, AA50392, AA50393, AA50420, AA50429, AA50430, AA50450, AA50460, AA50462, AA50475, AA50476, AA50490, AA50497, AA50507, AA50508, AA50515, AA50525, AA50527, AA50529, AA50530, AA50536, AA50537, AA50543, AA50550, AA50551, AA50554, AA50560, AA50577, AA50587, AA50588, AA50590, AA50606, AA50608, AA50616, AA50617, AA50623, AA50688, AA50721, AA50763, AA50768, AA50801, AA50842, AA50843, AA50866, AA50867, AA50869, AA50870, AA50871, AA50872, AA50873, AA50874, AA50875, AA50876, AA50877, AA50878, AA50927, AA50928, AA50929, AA50930, AA50931, AA50932, AA50933, AA50934, AA50935, AA50936, AA50937, AA50938, AA50939, AA50940, AA50941, AA50942, AA50943, AA50973, AA50974, AA50991, AA51009, AA51010, AA51011, AA51012, AA51013, AA51014, AA51015, AA51016, AA51017, AA51018, AA51019, AA51020, AA51021, AA51022, AA51023, AA51048, AA51049, AA51097, AA51258, AA60022, AA60046, AA60055, AA60058, AA60072, AA70216, AA70218, AA70218LX, AA70219, AA70240, AA70266, AA70268, AA70272, AA70272LX, AA70274, AA70299, AA70329, AA70336, AA70339, AA70340, AA70343, AA70348, AA70364, AA70370, AA80408, AA80420, AA80427, AA80427LX, AA80435, AA80435LX, AA80446, AA80448, AA80514, AA80516, AA80522, AA80531, AA80536, AA80537, AA80539, AA80545, AA80547, AA80550, AA80555, AA80556, AA80563, AA80565, AA80576, AA80595, AA80597, AA80603, AA80604, AA80614, AA80615, AA80624, AA80627, AA80631, AA80637, AA80638, AA80641, AA80646, AA80647, AA80647LX, AA80648, AA80658, AA80660, AA80671, AA80672, AA80673, AA80674, AA80683, AA80688, AA80693, AA80698, AA80702, AA80712, AA80713, AA80718, AA80721, AA80722, AA80723, AA80725, AA80727, AA80730, AA80732, AA80737, AA80738, AA80759, AA80767, AA80775, AA80781, AA80786, AA80788, AA80794, AA80795, AA80798, AA80799, AA80800, AA80801, AA80808, AA80812, AA80832, AA80867, AA80873, AA80889, AA80894, AA80896, AA80900, AA80901, AA80907, AA80912, AA80941, AA80957, AA80987, AA81044, AA81078, AA81082, AA81094, AA81166, AA81248, AA81260, AA81262, AA81348, AA9A100, AA9A490, AA9A860, AA9B040, AA9B050, AA9B150, AA9B240, AA9B580, AA9B660, AA9B670

International shipping available.

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Perkins AD 3.152 full engine with radiator Perkins AD 3.152 full engine with radiator Perkins AD 3.152 full engine with radiator

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